Digital innovations and customer demands change very rapidly. Usually, you can see limitless trends changing and upgrading each year. With the upcoming of new and latest trends, the old one becomes outdated and gets eliminated from the competition. Thus, designers keep checking all the UI/UX trends to stay in the competition and always come up with something new. It not only helps them to rule the market but also enhances the brand value.

When it comes to UI/UX design trends 2021, let’s explore some of the top-notch 2021 UI/UX design trends:

1. Macro interaction

Nowadays, users focus more on tiny moments and designs rather than big elements. Micro-interactions add delightful moments while using a product and thus enhance the user's experience. These actions are not only visual element but also works best when gets activated with user’s action. Therefore, micro-interactions are important to increase the value of the product, offer great service to customers, and help to increase the goodwill of the company.

2. Emoji designs

Emojis are not only fun to use but also express our emotions, feelings, and ideas. It is an easier way to say more with fewer efforts. Today, designers are focusing more on adding the emotional component into mobile interfaces almost everywhere. For instance, push notifications, onboarding screens, etc. The main motive behind this UI design trend is to enhance the user’s experience and let them engage with the activity. You will find this trend not only in social applications but also in some serious business applications such as finances, e-commerce, etc.

3. Soft gradients

When people interact more with soft and light colors, it can be dangerous to play with bright and flashy colors. It is the era of minimalism where web designers usually search for different options to make graphic elements simpler. Soft gradients thus help in giving the image volume and depth to the graphic design. To avoid screaming colors, this UI design trend can help you to limit the use of bright colors and to play with their proportions and compositions.

4. 3D design experience

Another latest UI trend 2021 is going to be 3D design. Clients offer boosted experience to the users through attractive websites and applications. With the integration of 3d design, they try to add depth, shadows, lightning, textures and helps the user to connect their imagination with the real world. No matter whether it is an illustration or typography, 3 D designs add an additional element to the product and thus necessitate the designers to consider 3D design trends every time.


Improving the design, expanding the imagination, and enhancing the user's experience is the ultimate solution to building a reputation in today's community. As a designer, it is necessary to focus on emerging up with the latest trends and new designs all the time. Thus, keeping a check on the latest UI/ UX design trends can help the designers to know what customers are looking for and what trends can satisfy them. Make sure to add immersive elements if you can.

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